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We’ve just taken delivery of our new Xerox Versant Digital Printing Press. The latest addition to the family helps us deliver an even faster turnaround, premium quality printing and affordable prices that our customers demand.

We chose the 80ppm Xerox Versant after evaluating a raft of options.

The latest addition to the family increases our printing capacity by nearly another 100,000 pages per month. Helping us deliver an even faster turnaround for our customers.

fontasticThis article explains the importance of embedding or flattening your fonts. It also helps to explain the problems that can arise when this is not done and gives advice on how to get around this.

What can happen if fonts aren’t present?

Chances are, when creating your document, you have used the fonts you have on your computer. But if this document then gets opened on a computer that doesn’t have these fonts, they will be substituted. At best this can lead to the fonts being made bold, or larger or having the layout changed. However the worst case can lead to the font being substituted to symbols. These issues are more likely to occur when the fonts used aren’t a common font.

How to Avoid Problems with Fonts
One of the better ways to remove this issue is to either flatten or embed your fonts. This will then make them part of the document. You can also convert the fonts to curves.

Saving as an image?
If you save your file as either a jpeg or a tiff file, also referred to as a raster file, then your fonts will become part of your image. You will find that your document is harder to edit later on but it does mean that you can use your custom fonts without issue. This is the same if you convert your artwork to curves.

This is commonly for pdf files and will depend on the licensing laws for the fonts you require. Most design packages will give you the option to embed your fonts. By selecting yes your fonts will be packaged into the document and will then display correctly on other computers.

Converting to Curves?
This means switching the fonts from letters to shapes. As mentioned before it does make your document a lot harder to edit but it will protect your fonts and keep them as intended.

We have been using our new Roland Soljet Pro III Printer for the past few months and we wanted you to see it in action.

With its two inline, mirrored print heads, integrated printing and contour-cutting technology, and new environmentally-friendly Eco-SOL MAX 2 inks, the Pro 4 XR-640 large-format color printer delivers both greater productivity and unsurpassed image quality.

Yes, we are having a massive geek moment! This state of the art printer lets us offer you excellent image quality quickly and efficiently. We have the best equipment in order to give you the best product that we possibly can.

We have already blogged about the hidden costs of printing your own leaflets here. For specialist jobs or detailed photographs to ensure you get the best value and a top quality product it is better to turn to a professional printer. If you want to discuss a job or request a quote from us just visit the request a quote page or get in touch with us;

T: +44 (0)28 2563 9371  E:

Digital print is an alternative to traditional printing. Digital printing removes the need for costly plates and is therefore a quicker and more cost effective way to print. Digital printing is perfectly suited to runs of 1-2000.

The Latest Xerox Presses (the digital printing presses we use at, amongst others) are among the best presses on the market and provide true offset quality. The inks used provide vibrant colours and even finishes, giving premium end results every time. The inks are layered using up to 2400dpi meaning there is no loss of clarity, even when using solid blacks and text. Read more…

QR (Quick Response) Codes are matrix barcodes which can be read by QR enabled barcode readers and smart phones. Originally invented by Toyota in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, they are now cropping up in print and television advertising across the globe. You should start using them to boost your marketing and advertising efforts!

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Printing experts love to dream up weird and wonderful names for even the most basic print processes. So, we’ve compiled a list of regularly used printing terms to make sure you’re in the know.

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