Ballyprint would like to request that from now until the 10th October you keep your fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed. We’re really excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two Ballymena Borough Business Excellence Awards 2013!  We are in the running for ‘Best Small Business’ and ‘Best Business Website’.


We’re constantly working flat-out on improving our service to our customers, and we’re really proud to have had our efforts recognised.  Ballymena Borough are holding a Gala Awards Night in the Tullyglass House Hotel on Thursday 10th October which look set to be a great night – and hopefully we’ll not be walking away empty handed.

Spot UV refers to a high shiny finish added to an area of printed material, this can be noticed by a very reflective high shine it has when it catches the light. Widely used on business cards and small high quality leaflets, and company brochures.


How Does it work?, How is it Done?

Spot UV can make areas of your design really stand out. You need to have planned for this with your print supplier in the early stages of the design process. Although this is not done at the design stage, it is a print process applied right at the end after the printing, but before a job is folded or guillotined.

As soon as the ink is applied to the material, then the Spot UV is added on top. Almost like another skin of ink, gloss spot UV looks like a layer of cellotape. This process is either done on the end of the printing line, within the same process of the job being printed or is done after on a separate machine, this all depends if your print supplier has this facility added to the end of their printing presses. Its used to be common for a full colour printer outsource this technique, but as it more often these days, most printing companies add Spot UV in house.
Spot UV is normally added to a job along with a matt laminate, this is to further enhance the shininess of the Spot UV. Having a matt material which obviously dulls the light helps to bring out the vibrant reflectiveness of the varnish. The ‘Spot’ printing technique is almost as if it’s another ink or separate colour. If you are printing a full colour document, then the spot process is an additional coat on the top of the rest of the CMYK colours used to produce the colour work.

At we print all kinds of promotional items, big and small. Your Business Card is still one of the most effective ways to use print to benefit your business or organisation.


With lots of talk about online and digital media, a business card is still a must have for your  promotion.

6 reasons why we love Business Cards

  • They are a link to a potential customer or client.
  • They are a link to a resource or a supplier.
  • They are a link to a colleague.
  • For social, non-business reasons.
  • For referring business – it may be passed on to someone else.
  • To update information that may now be out of date.

We sometimes forget the impact of a personal face to face meeting and the Business card could be your only reminder for the recipient to take away with them. It may not be useful to them for a few weeks or months but the most important thing is that it is in a potential customers hands.

To see a selection of Business cards printed here at visit our portfolio.

Business Card – Printing – Northern Ireland have been working with Charity Women’s Aid since 2009. We are delighted to have been able to work alongside this important charity organisation creating business stationary, business cards, leaflets, balloons, invitations, signage, self-cling window stickers and posters.

801073512-womensaid-jpg               IMG_7905 IMG_7907 tickets_invitations_1

Women’s Aid is a charity which offers specialist services to women, children and young people who have experience some form of domestic abuse. With statistics showing that in Northern Ireland one in four women will be experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives, are happy to work alongside this worthwhile organisation in our community.

All registered charities & churches can benefit from a 15% discount on all their print. Read more about our Church and Charity programme here. is committed to supporting good causes and as part of that we are pleased to be able to work alongside charities like Women’s Aid.

Womens Aid – Charity – Client Showcase

Here at we enjoy a new challenge. We have produced many printed projects for lots of different clients and our business is much more than just printing leaflets (although we love designing and printing leaflets too).

For example take a look at these reflective road signage (section 2 approved) for Ballymena Borough Council.

stop road

Or this great example of a business using window graphics to make the most of their shop front.

644349_423661141025175_1911353390_n Window & Interior Graphics

So bring on your printing challenge. We love working on personal and specialised project and provided you, the customer, with a top quality product that we can be proud of. Whether it is reflective road signs or business cards we treat all jobs with the same care and attention because we love printing!

Browse our website of get in touch to discuss ou full range of products.

Unique Printing – has undertaken printing for Glory Be Ice Cream cake shop. The Cafe and cake shop opened last year and Ballyprint provided their shop signage, window graphic and a large scale PVC Banner to advertise their Mothers Day promotion earlier this year.

signage_9-300x202 windowgraphics_5-300x202


The signage and window graphics have completely transformed the original shop front allowing the business to stamp their identity on the location. Glory Be Ice Cream Cakes branding is bright, eye catching and instantly recognisable.

Ballyprint is delighted to watch Glory Be Ice Cream Cakes go from strength to strength and are happy to have been able to provide them with high quality signage to help them launch into business. Large format signage is available to suit your businesses needs.

If you require any kind of printing service or advice on which product would be best for you get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you;

T: +44 (0)28 2563 9371  E:

View our work on our website and our Facebook page.

Glory Be Ice Cream Cakes – Signage –

We have been using our new Roland Soljet Pro III Printer for the past few months and we wanted you to see it in action.

With its two inline, mirrored print heads, integrated printing and contour-cutting technology, and new environmentally-friendly Eco-SOL MAX 2 inks, the Pro 4 XR-640 large-format color printer delivers both greater productivity and unsurpassed image quality.

Yes, we are having a massive geek moment! This state of the art printer lets us offer you excellent image quality quickly and efficiently. We have the best equipment in order to give you the best product that we possibly can.

We have already blogged about the hidden costs of printing your own leaflets here. For specialist jobs or detailed photographs to ensure you get the best value and a top quality product it is better to turn to a professional printer. If you want to discuss a job or request a quote from us just visit the request a quote page or get in touch with us;

T: +44 (0)28 2563 9371  E:

Ballyprint are proud to work as the official printers to the Northern Ireland Golf Open. This Ballyprint PVC banner advertises the golf competition which will be held from 29th August to 1st September at Galgorm Castle Golf course.


The banner is eye-catching, colourful and clear. This is a great example to the high quality banners we at Ballyprint can produce.

Ballyprint custom-made PVC Banners are printed using large format digital printing to create a vibrant, full colour display, which can be used both indoors and outdoors to promote your products, services or event. Our PVC banners are printed onto heavyweight 510gsm woven back material, are hemmed and fitted with brass eyelets for a secure fitting. PVC Banners are ideal for trade shows, road shows, product launches, store openings, outdoor events, sports events, schools and exhibitions, they come in standard sizes but custom lengths are available upon request.

For more details on PVC Banners get in touch with Ballyprint. It is a pleasure to work alongside the Northern Ireland Golf Open as they bring their golf challenge to Ballymena.

Northern Ireland Golf Open – Galgorm Castle Golf  Course – PVC Printed Banner

Digital print is an alternative to traditional printing. Digital printing removes the need for costly plates and is therefore a quicker and more cost effective way to print. Digital printing is perfectly suited to runs of 1-2000.

The Latest Xerox Presses (the digital printing presses we use at, amongst others) are among the best presses on the market and provide true offset quality. The inks used provide vibrant colours and even finishes, giving premium end results every time. The inks are layered using up to 2400dpi meaning there is no loss of clarity, even when using solid blacks and text. Read more…


Situated in the heart of Ballymena Town Centre, Fairhill Shopping Centre offers the ultimate in shopping experiences for everyone.  The distinctive mix-match of over 50 high street stores attracts visitors from all over to one of the best shopping towns in Northern Ireland.

Construction work is always an eye sore an in an aim to maintain its look and appeal, Fairhill Shopping Centre employed Ballyprint to help with this. Due to the Christmas rush Ballyprint were set a tight deadline. We had 3 days to print, mount and fit a 64ft hoarding board on site in the busy town centre. This hoarding board was made with 6mm corrugated plastic in 8ft x 4ft panels which were printed, mounted and then ready for fitting. The panels then all needed to be fitted early in the morning so as to avoid shoppers and at the height of winter in the freezing cold!

It was a rush and potentially quite risky considering the size of the project and where it was, but it was a total success and a real achievement with very happy faces all round!

Want to see more “Behind the Scenes”, visit our Facebook Page to following the work of the guys at