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Ballyprint would like to request that from now until the 10th October you keep your fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed. We’re really excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for not one, but two Ballymena Borough Business Excellence Awards 2013!  We are in the running for ‘Best Small Business’ and ‘Best Business Website’.


We’re constantly working flat-out on improving our service to our customers, and we’re really proud to have had our efforts recognised.  Ballymena Borough are holding a Gala Awards Night in the Tullyglass House Hotel on Thursday 10th October which look set to be a great night – and hopefully we’ll not be walking away empty handed.

Spot UV refers to a high shiny finish added to an area of printed material, this can be noticed by a very reflective high shine it has when it catches the light. Widely used on business cards and small high quality leaflets, and company brochures.


How Does it work?, How is it Done?

Spot UV can make areas of your design really stand out. You need to have planned for this with your print supplier in the early stages of the design process. Although this is not done at the design stage, it is a print process applied right at the end after the printing, but before a job is folded or guillotined.

As soon as the ink is applied to the material, then the Spot UV is added on top. Almost like another skin of ink, gloss spot UV looks like a layer of cellotape. This process is either done on the end of the printing line, within the same process of the job being printed or is done after on a separate machine, this all depends if your print supplier has this facility added to the end of their printing presses. Its used to be common for a full colour printer outsource this technique, but as it more often these days, most printing companies add Spot UV in house.
Spot UV is normally added to a job along with a matt laminate, this is to further enhance the shininess of the Spot UV. Having a matt material which obviously dulls the light helps to bring out the vibrant reflectiveness of the varnish. The ‘Spot’ printing technique is almost as if it’s another ink or separate colour. If you are printing a full colour document, then the spot process is an additional coat on the top of the rest of the CMYK colours used to produce the colour work.