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At we print all kinds of promotional items, big and small. Your Business Card is still one of the most effective ways to use print to benefit your business or organisation.


With lots of talk about online and digital media, a business card is still a must have for your  promotion.

6 reasons why we love Business Cards

  • They are a link to a potential customer or client.
  • They are a link to a resource or a supplier.
  • They are a link to a colleague.
  • For social, non-business reasons.
  • For referring business – it may be passed on to someone else.
  • To update information that may now be out of date.

We sometimes forget the impact of a personal face to face meeting and the Business card could be your only reminder for the recipient to take away with them. It may not be useful to them for a few weeks or months but the most important thing is that it is in a potential customers hands.

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