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Please bear with us but we are having another ‘geek’ moment.

We’ve just taken delivery of our new Xerox 770 Digital Printing Press. The latest addition to the family helps us deliver an even faster turnaround, premium quality printing and affordable prices that our customers demand., one of the Northern Ireland’s fastest growing commercial printers, are pleased to announce the addition of our top-of-the-range Xerox 770 digital press, thereby increasing our printing capacity by nearly another 100,000 pages per month.

However in the drive for efficiency, this beast doesn’t compromise on quality either. In fact the manufacturer states that it can produce a vibrant image quality that rivals offset printing.  It has (brace yourself) an inline spectrophotometer that automates colour adjustments and calibrations, which helps us to deliver a superior image quality and spot colour accuracy.  The Xerox 770’s Advanced Colour Profiling system also enables it to generate a greater realism in objects such as faces and skies.

This machine is also consistent with our environmentally friendly approach and uses non-toxic dry inks, minimised waste, and 97% of the components are recyclable or remanufacturable

Geek moment over!

There’s plenty of standard texture files available for use in your designs, but good quality seamless or repeating textures are much more difficult to find. This post rounds up a huge collection of useful seamless texture files, including paper, metal, concrete, fabric and good old grungy resources. Being tileable means these textures will repeat to fill an infinite space, which makes them perfect for backgrounds in your website designs.

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One of our regular customers rang the office this morning wanting to cancel their leaflet printing order. They we’re working to a tight budget and decided it would be cheaper to print 250 A5 leaflets using a HP inkjet printer they have in another department.

What they hadn’t considered was the true cost of inkjet printing. recently came across a test report in Computer Active Magazine which found that the average cost to print just one A6 colour photograph using a desktop inkjet printer was a whopping 45p each! On that basis, had the customer gone ahead and printed their own leaflets, it would have cost them £167 more than if they’d left it to us.

After reading the Computer Active report, the customer had a rethink and decided they didn’t want to cancel their order after all. Cheers Computer Active!